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Designing meaningful and transformative experiences for human being sharing spaces (coliving, coworking and hybrid concepts)

Human & Market research - Experience design

Are you on a mission to build a successful and meaningful brand?

Experience Design is key to build a Brand where happy customers, fulfilled staff, an empowered community thrive together

Understand The Human Needs of Your Customers

Going beyond traditional customer research, I help organizations understand the deeper pain points, belief systems and stories that your customers are looking for.

Design a Human-Centric Solution

My approach takes into account human elements across the service design process, making your product relatable to the end user.

Add Human Components To Your Current Experience

Sometimes, products and services don't have the time to be reinvented from scratch. Adding key components of differentiation will lead to higher retention, love and stickiness.


" We cannot solve problem if we rely on the same kind of thinking we used to create them "


Experience is the new product! 

Experience is the sum of all interactions a user, a customer, a resident will have with your physical and digital interfaces.
The most beautiful products are no guarantee of success! An outstanding experience is they key to retain customers.
Experience Design enables to create a unique concept and a meaningful experience throughout the entire business.

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Why does experience matter?

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Research is the most powerful tool to build a customer-centric product. It enables you to back up any decision you will be making in your project while building strong foundations by creating the user personas, the guiding thread of your project.

Experience Design

Let’s think the entire experience you will offer to your customer wether it is digital or physical. From curation to onboarding to offboarding, we will cover the entire life cycle of your users.

Community Design

Experience is the key that will enable you to create community. Both work hand by hand. Community is the direction most innovative business are taking those days but how do you build a community? I will help you with that! 


Are you starting a passion project? But you don’t know where to start! I offer a mentorship program customised on your own needs where we will take your idea to real life and work on the various blocks an entrepreneur can have while launching a passion project.


What some of my happy clients say about me

Marta Rocamora Gonzalez, CEO at GroundInn

Sandra is a thoughtful experience designer that ensures to always puts the human at the core of the experience. What stood out to me from the beginning was her forthcoming and authentic approach. I highly recommend you trust her with your endeavors, especially now that we live in such a changing world, as she will adapt accordingly with the proper empathy. I sure am hoping to keep her as a prolonged collaboration and wish her the utmost success in whichever area she chooses to focus on.

Gui Perdrix, director at Co-Liv

It's been astonishing how quickly Sandra is able to dig into a problem, understand the context and create customer-driven solutions. Through her work at Co-Liv, our organization has been able to develop a more profound understanding of who we serve and developed an entire program that is aligned with our customers' needs. Sandra is a talented service designer and user experience creator who always keeps the end user in mind.

Kyle Gaarder, CEO at Growth House

Sandra has been great to work with! I feel focused and ready after working with her on the big picture, planning, and landscape. I'm now set up and working with marketing professionals and think of her as the top of my list when I'll need branding and design work.

Michelle Maree, Founder at The Nomad Escape

I had the honor to work with Sandra on the first execution of our biggest offline event we’ve ever hosted. Sandra was a pleasure and amazing to work with, she has a great team spirit and was extremely committed as an experience creator and guest support and made sure all our guests got what they expected, and even more! Thanks Sandra for your contribution! Looking forward to future projects together!

Karla Fernandes, UX/UI & Digital Product Designer

I have got to know and mentored Sandra. She was an exceptional student, avid for learning, very focused, committed with deadlines, and giving all her time to improve her skills. She is very empathetic by nature, wasn't hard for her to put herself on the user's shoes and take into consideration business requirements. She was able to deliver two UX projects from start to end, she thrived to learn new hard skills like Sketch, Figma, and Prototyping in record time.

Laura Bertleff, CEO at Learning Brain - Founder of CPIM

Sandra has done an amazing work for Learning Brain and CPIM.Gifted with a strong analytical mind, she was able to understand my needs and to transpose that into her research. I was stuck and Sandra came at the right timing to bring a whole new perspective on my products.Her insights were brilliant and helped me build better products.